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The founder of Beibei Haven Foundation, Mrs. Omotade Alalade is a purpose driven woman motivated to make a difference and impact the lives of others. She is recognized both in Nigeria where the foundation birthed as well as internationally. She was chosen as one of BBC 100 women who are impacting and inspiring others globally and one of 100 inspiring Nigerian women for International Womens Day . She has also been features and interviewed on international TV channels which include Sky News and CNN.

In her early years of marriage, she experienced numerous fertility challenges which left her devastated, overwhelmed and isolated. She was living in fear of being judged by what she was going through and unable to find adequate support to help her through. In addition to her fertility challenges, financial difficulties also played a major role as they could not afford the necessary treatments and had to result to getting a loan. For the first 2 years of her marriage, she was constantly working to pay for fertility treatments.

This prompted her passion to stand by married women in similar situations giving them assurance that they are not alone in their fertility journey and all hope is not lost. She knows first-hand the struggles a woman can face in not being able to have a baby the “conventional” way and its emotional and financial effects.

On her journey to start a family she experienced infertility, genotype challenges, miscarriages and a complicated pregnancy. This drive led her to set up the largest support group network in Africa as well as around the world. It also spearheaded her work on raising funds from private individuals and organizations to enable the foundation give free fertility treatments to those who cannot afford it. She also vigorously researched major causes of fertility issues, its effects on women and ways to manage various situations emotionally, psychologically and mentally. She is liaising with medical experts within Nigeria and around the world to provide care and treatments for couples struggling with fertility challenges.

About the Founder

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