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Private fertility treatment

The cost of private treatment

Fertility treatment prices can vary from clinic to clinic.

The final cost of your treatment will depend on a number of factors. Ask your clinic for a personalised, costed treatment plan before beginning any treatment and for regular cost updates as your treatment progresses.


Varying prices of clinics and treatment

Private clinics set their own prices for treatment - and these do vary from clinic to clinic. 

When discussing prices with clinics, it's important to find out exactly what the price includes. Some may include consultation fees and any recommended tests in their overall price, others may not. Some clinics may offer some free counselling, and others may charge for this.

Fertility drugs are usually an extra cost and can be very expensive

The cost of your treatment may also change as your treatment progresses. If you do not respond well to one type of drug, your doctor may prescribe another at a different cost.

If the type of treatment you require changes, for example. from an IUI cycle to IVF, the costs will also change.

Costed treatment plans

Clinics often ask patients to pay some of the costs before their treatment starts. A costed treatment plan can help you understand how these costs are calculated.

Ask your clinic to give you a personalised, costed treatment plan which details the specific treatments and procedures you require including, for example, scans, tests and drugs.

Your clinic should also give you regular cost updates as your treatment progresses or changes.

If you don’t understand what a particular charge is for or how it is calculated, ask your clinic to explain. 



Treatment packages

Many clinics charge one price for a treatment ‘package’ which includes the basic consultations, scans, tests and procedures needed for treatment.

Exactly what is included varies from clinic to clinic and the ‘package’ price may not be the final amount you actually pay. Treatment packages do not always include drugs and you may need additional scans, tests or procedures.

Changing your treatment package - cancellations, refunds and conversions

If your treatment has to be stopped or your doctor advises that you change the type of treatment you need, you may receive a refund or pay a ‘conversion’ fee.

The amount will vary, depending on how far into your cycle you are and whether additional scans or tests are required.


Other fees and costs

Some clinics include the items shown below in your treatment package, others charge for each item separately.

Whichever way your clinic calculates the cost, ask your clinic for a costed treatment plan which will help you understand how the cost of your treatment is worked out.

Medical reports - A charge may be levied for copying and/or preparing these. 

Consultations -Your initial consultation with a fertility doctor is usually longer than subsequent consultations and so may cost more. The consultation fee may also include the cost of initial tests and scans.

You may have other consultations during the course of your treatment,for example, for test results, with a nurse, or via telephone.

Counselling - Counselling is an important part of your treatment and most clinics include at least one counselling session in their treatment package. The length of the session is also reflected in the price.

Tests and scans - You will probably have a variety of scans and tests as part of your treatment. These may include tests for hormone levels, ultrasound scans or semen viability tests but there are many more. 

Your clinician will tell you what tests and scans are appropriate for your particular circumstances.

Costs vary widely depending on the exact nature and complexity of the test or scan.

Monitored cycle - Your clinic may recommend that they monitor a treatment cycle to help them understand how your body is working. This will monitor, among other things, your hormone levels and time of ovulation.
Transportation and ‘shipping’ fees - If you need to transfer to another clinic, you may be charged a fee for specialist transport of your eggs, sperm or embryos.  The final cost depends on the destination.

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