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Want to know more about which hangout is happening as well as the topic of focus, kindly register. Only registered individuals would be sent information

Our hangouts are also known as support groups.

They are divided into 2

  • Information based (Professionals-led)

  • Support based (Peer - led) 

Infertility; miscarriage and/or sickle related issues in regards to fertility can be emotionally and physically draining. It can lead to complex feelings, such as failure, guilt, blame, regret and isolation.

Our hangouts  is a time to share your journey and listen to others experiences, for mutual peer support and also a time to learn from others. You will be encouraged to speak about your concerns and feelings as well as respond to others as they share.Participants find it helpful to learn new coping skills, as well as find comfort in meeting and sharing with others who are facing the same fertility challenges.These hangouts, which take place throughout the year at our various locations, are facilitated either by a professional or peer-led by our BeiBei Haven Members.  

Information (Professional) Based Hangouts

Want to know more about an issue relating to your fertility status?These hangouts are Led by Proffessionals and trained volunteers. Each of these hangouts would be based on a specific topic e.g Endometriosis; PCOS; Fibroid; Hormonal Inbalance etc. Register to get more information and hear what others dealing with the same issue did. These hangouts are open to everyone  who would like to know more. 

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