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BeiBei Haven is a start-up non-governmental organization (NGO) driven by its mandate to support women and/or couples through their journey from trying to conceive to parenthood.


A huge aspect of BeiBei Haven are the hangouts. As mentioned, it’s a support group that offers information and assistance to women dealing with Fertility issue, Genotype challenges, Miscarriage and complicated pregnancies. This support group provides a safe haven for women to meet up and share experiences with others dealing with similar challenges while being sensitive to their struggles and trials on a monthly basis.


In addition to the hangouts we have our yearly fertility walk.  The objective of this initiative is to remove the stigma around infertility, support couples going through fertility challenges and educate the populace on the reasons why couples have fertility challenges as well as the options available. The overall objective is to provide free IVF and IUI cycles for women with fertility challenges who cannot afford to pay for these treatments.

Wooden Cars

Wooden Cars

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